Friday, 27 September 2013

Dark Age Church

One thing that is noticeably lacking from my collection is decent amount of scenery.  To correct that, I've been gradually picking up some pre-painted bits and pieces, primarily dark age buildings.
The latest and potentially final building is this Church or Manor building.

I picked it up on eBay buy a company called PMC Games for a very reasonable price.  It's a fairly hefty chunk of resin with a decent enough paint job   Actually, as the first model was damaged in the mail, so I should point out the excellent service from PMC, who provided an immediate replacement.  Thanks. 
I might do some work on it, as the walls and ground are a bit too similar to my eyes, but it's usable enough as is.  The roof is separate, which is handy for any games that involve entering buildings.
With this, I've now got enough buildings for a reasonable sized game of Saga or Dux Bel/Brit. Still on the shopping list are some linear obstacles (Renedra do a wattle fence sprue which might do) and some areas of rough terrain (which I think I'll try and do myself.)  I'd also like a well for the small village, anyone know of a suitable 28mm scale model?