Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Some Brief Star Wars Nostalgia!

Recently, I've been on a bit of a Star Wars kick, what with rewatching the movies, Droids, Ewoks (yes I know it was terrible,) the X-Wing tournament and the Star Wars card game. Flicking through YouTube, I came across this:

Now I can't even contemplate how much cash I dropped into this arcade machine when I was a kid (for you infants out there, arcade machines were how you played computer games before you had a computer in the house!)

I'll admit, it doesn't stand up well to the test of time, but this was cutting edge back in 1985! The arcade machine actually quoted the movie with a voice, not text - at the time, this was ground breaking!  My favourite quote from Jedi?  "Han will get that shield down, we gotta five him more time!"  I think this video is actually using an emulator or similar, as back in the day the game was a lot less forgiving!

Yes terrible, even worse than Droids, but, remember, not as bad as the Christmas Special!

This afternoon I spent a bit of time going through the photos from the X-Wing tournament and I'll hopefully get a couple posts in later in the week.  Until then...