Friday, 13 September 2013

Anyone After a Flames of War related bargain?

Not something I like to post on the blog very often, but I'm offloading the last of my Flames of War figures on eBay.  Almost all US Airborne figures, but a couple other bits and pieces, have a look here. Drop me an email if anyone's interested in any of these outside eBay...

It isn't the case that I dislike FoW in particular or gaming WW2 in general; I just collected quite a lot of scenery and figures as I planned to have a permanent table set up in our new house.  Now that didn't work out (I'm back home living with my old man,)  I've no desire to look at these any more as they remind me too much of the unpleasant time I've had this year.

My gaming mojo is still in full swing however.  I've roped a friend into collecting 10mm Carthaginians (gave him my Pendraken figs to paint,) so really in the mood for painting the opposing Romans.  I've picked up yet another miniature game - I know I was moaning about being skint earlier this month, but my Grandparents wanted to get me something as a wee present, so more figures it was!  Actually, I can't get enough gaming in lately; a different game at the club each week, but still need more Android: Netrunner and Dreadball regularly.  Bloody real life getting in the way!

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