Monday, 21 January 2013

Reasons I Don't Get stuff Painted - Tablet Games

I mentioned earlier that we picked up one of these tablet-not-an-ipad devices at Christmas.  Got to say it's a cracking wee gadget for emails and the net when you don't want to sit at the computer. Although we agreed not to clutter it up, a few games have found their way onto it.  I'm haven't played many games on my phone in the last few years, so I was really surprised at the quality on offer. Fyi we have an Android tablet and at the moment I'm playing:

Devils Attorney

This is a simple wee battle game with RPG-lite elements - you take turns with the computer to attack each other with your different abilities.  The take here is that you're Max McMann, a sleazy 80s defence lawyer and the battleground is a courtroom.  Your attacks are things like "tamper with evidence" or "discredit expert" which sounds a little dry, but fits nicely.

The real hook is the slick 80s feel from the game and the amazing production quality.  Instead of levelling up and buying new equipment like an RPG, you buy garish furniture for your apartment which, in turn, increase your three stats, Materialism  Decadence and Vanity. Before each case is a voiced and unique dialogue between you and the prosecutor, terrible puns and insults, but again all very 80s.  This cost me 69p, which I'd easily have paid simply for the intro movie:

I've read that Devil's Attorney is quite short, so I'm trying to limit myself to doing 1-2 cases a day.


Love the board game and don't get to play it anywhere near enough nowadays.  This is a straight up copy of the boardgame with a lovely rural soundtrack added and the tantrums and gloating missing. With the added seafarer and the Knight(?) expansion, Catan has kept me amused for hours this winter.


Err, exactly the same comments apply here as for Catan; love the game, don't get to play it often, this is a great version and it just doesn't get old.

Contre Jour

Wow, no idea how to describe the premise, if there even is one.  Essentially you have to move a wee limbless creature around by, and here's the hook, manipulating the terrain.  It's kind of organised like Angry Birds etc, in that the levels last barely a minute and this sucks you in to a "just one more go" mindset.  Very simple concept, excellently executed and coupled with a great soundtrack and visuals.  Cost 69p, what else are you going to spend 69p on?

So there we are, four reasons for my slow rate of painting!  Suggestions welcome for other games to try.


  1. I'm afraid Call of Duty's my drug of choice these days!

  2. My wife has an iPad and she has a stable of games she loves. I stay away as I know I'd get hooked. I love the Catan boardgame and our family never seems to have time to play it any more. That could be my new addiction.

    So, good luck with your new drug, er, gaming. ;-)

  3. Now you see that is exactly why I don't have one; just so damned addictive!