Sunday, 27 January 2013

Punic Wars - Roman Socii Archers

The eagle eyed of you will have noticed these in my last post, but I managed to get them finished yesterday.  The second entry to the Analogue Painting Challenge, some allied archers for my Punic Wars project.

Again, 10mm Pendraken figures that could use another pose in the range, but still a nice little unit to paint up. I'm gradually getting used to this scale and have an idea now of what will and won't be visible once the basing is finished.

Not exactly the most interesting unit I could have done, but I'm trying to build up some momentum before starting the heavy infantry.  I am undecided over eight or ten figures per base, so it could be up to forty figures per unit, still daunting at this tiny scale!


  1. More valuable points Sir and, as you say, keeping the momentum gaining nicely.

  2. A great looking unit. THe pendraken stuff has a lot to recommend it.

  3. Nice work on those archers...

  4. Great work, I don't suppose it really matters how many are on the bases, but they look very nice anyhow.