Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013's Wildly Optimisic Goals

As last years resolutions have come and gone, so it's time to set some objectives for 2013. I love these posts at this time of year, seeing what everyone thinks they'll be getting up to, so hopefully you can bear with me and read another one!

I'm going to run these in roughly chronological order i.e.  what I'd like to get done first to get some games in, followed by what I hope to get up to later in the year and, finally, some objectives that either don't fit into any other points or are heavily dependant on available funds.

 American Civil War Union Army

The first big project of the year is a 15mm Union army for the American Civil War.  This should be quite a novelty as I'm doing this in conjunction with Adam from the club, who is doing the counterpart Confederate force.  We both bought enough figures for about six or seven units from Peter Pig (thanks for the 20% discount btw) so my immediate objective is to get these painted.  I'd like to do a bit or research and depict specific regiments, but try and avoid becoming a slave to historical accuracy.  The plan is to get a game played sometime in February.

Flames of War Easy Company

Already started, I'd like to get a 1500/1750 point Flames of War force done early in the year. There are a fair few FoW players at the club now, but no US players.  Again, I'd like to get a small game in by the end of February with fully painted figures, maybe about the 1000 point area.

10mm Punic Wars

A project purely for me, both sides of the Punic Wars in a small scale with large numbers of figures.  Again I've picked up a fair few figures, mainly from Pendraken, so the aim is to get these painted up before ordering many more.  I'm not very experienced at painting up lots of small figures quickly, so I'll aim to get what already I have, painted by the end of June.

Generic Sci-Fi

Two projects in one, a generic Sci-Fi 15mm land force and a generic starship fleet.  With the new rules from the Lardies and the impressive update to Gruntz both on the tablet, I've got a real itch to get these on the table.  A couple orders from Ground Zero Games in December provided the core for both forces, all that remains is to get some paint on them.  Again, the end of June looks good to have these finished, or at least, what I already have finished. Ideally, these would be done earlier, but I don't think that's at all realistic based on what I've put above.


Up until now, Infinity has been a game purely for me I.E. I enjoy the game, the background and painting the figures, but I'm not that bothered about getting others involved.  My goal this year is to run at least one demo game at the club or wherever else possible.  I've really got the bug again for Infinity, so I'll put in another aim to get a third faction started and paint up 150 points for it (I'm thinking a PanO Military Order force.)


I want to put up one of these miniature trackers on the blog AND update it regularly.  Not sure how much detail to put up, but I'll start with just listing what I paint e.g. 10mm mounted x 16 etc.  It's the kind of thing I shy away from normally, in case I don't paint much and it stays static for months on end, but I think it will be another tool to get me painting more.  In addition, I want to revisit this post every quarter(ish) to see how I'm getting on for the year.

Get more gaming in.  Now this is a generic goal that you will see on every bloggers resolution list!  In particular, I want to get more board and in particular card games in.  The in-laws gave me Netrunner for Christmas (one of the benefits of keeping an up-to-date Amazon wishlist) and it looks an ideal candidate for regular gaming.  Alternatively, I'm open to whatever games present themselves from friends or at the club.  Ideally, this would be on a different day of the week from our club night, so it won't impact on my miniature gaming too much.

Buy and paint up the Archangel.  'Nuff said.

Either add to or finish up one of my existing projects; 15mm Great Italian Wars (if the Venexia figures ever reappear,) 15mm Fallschirmjager, 28mm Waffen SS and Soviets, 28mm Greek and Persian Wars, 20mm Force on Force USMC and Generic Enemy Force, Warmachine, Hordes and anything else I remember.

Lastly, I think I want to sign upto a Kickstarter project.  There are few that have come and gone that I wish I had jumped in on.  Actually, I'm really impressed with how stable and secure the whole process seems to be; the only problems reported seem to be more about poor decision making or lack of creativity on behalf of people in charge of some individual projects (Dreadball anyone.)  The Kingdom Death kickstarter looks good (actually the minis look gorgeous, not too sure on the game aspect,) but it ends shortly, so I probably pass on it.  I'll need to keep my ear to the ground more on this one.

Well I think that's enough to be getting on with.  As with last year, I've no real expectation that I will achieve all of these (I'm far too familiar with myself for that,) but I hope this will serve as a motivation to keep plugging away at these projects.

Enjoy what's left of the holidays everyone and have a great 2013.


  1. And a Happy New Year to you too! Hope it's a good one!

    Some good projects there and agree with your goal to get more gaming in.

  2. If you get all that done it'll be a great year!

    Good Luck

  3. A good list there - looks like we the readers are in for an action-packed year! Looking forward to it.

  4. The Kingdom Death Kickstarter looked good to me too until I saw the estimated delivery date. Next November is just too long for me to wait. I love their sculpts and I hope to buy some of the resin figures they have available now. On the list of things to do for 2013.

    Tap me on the shoulder when you get that Archangel done. I don't want to miss that.

  5. Happy new year, that's alot to get done, good luck!