Thursday, 24 January 2013

Quick Update

Just a quick update on what I've been up to this week.  I finally spent some time prepping the first of my sci-fi figures.  I've chosen the UNSC range from Ground Zero Games, I like the big "bug" heads and there's a lot of variety on offer.  Frustratingly I ran out of my usual ready made putty, so I had to use some old Milliput for the bases.  Using it caused an absolute mess and took an absolute age to set.  Any idea if this stuff has a use by date?

As I had a couple hours free yesterday, I managed to knock out another skirmisher unit for my Punic Wars project.  This time it's some allied Roman archers.  Pictures should be up on Curt's blog soon.

Also managed the first victory of the year - albeit at the fourth attempt.  I headed to the club this week without a specific game on, so brought Quarriors along and had three quickish games.  I suffered two quick defeats before inflicting an absolute trouncing in the third game.  Still love Quarriors, WizKids recently announced another expansion (the third,) but I need to get round to pick up the first two.

Lastly, I went a bit eBay crazy at the weekend, picking up some second hand books and a couple figures.  This 15mm resin scenery pack was bought on a whim, really cheap, it should fit in nicely on any historical table.  Bizarrely, this took just two days to arrive from Italy.  Two days!  I'm still waiting for a book to arrive from Kent after five days!  What's up with that?

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