Monday, 14 January 2013

Light at the end of the tunnel? Nope, it's snow!

Finally, after two chilly weeks, we've finally got heating and hot water back in the house!  Not a day too soon as this was the view from our window this morning.  Personally, I love the snow, it's just a lot more enjoyable when your house is warm and dry!

I've got next to no painting done in the last two weeks, it's just been far too cold to paint once the sun goes down.  So it has been under the covers activities (heh heh) for both of us.  On the flip side, I've ploughed through a fair few books and read some great new wargames rules, not to mention getting a few hours of Halo 4 in.

This weekend however, I managed to get some time at the painting desk and finish my first entry for the Analogue Painting Challenge.  It's been really bugging me seeing my name on Curt's site with zero points next to it.  Another two units sit prepped on the desk today, but the snow means I haven't yet undercoated them.

So, happy I've managed to the first unit of the year finished, hopefully I'll get straight back into the habit and you won't have to wait too long for the second one!


  1. That had to be murder with no heat in that weather. But yeah, there are fun things to do under the duvet to warm you up :)

    Looking forward to seeing your post up at Curts place!

  2. Woah, no heat! WTF is up with that? We'd be frozen stiff under the covers in under four hours without heat. Nonetheless I'm happy you've got that rectified. Maybe I'll see you online playing Halo!

  3. Your blog post title confirms something I read recently, that the Govt. due to recessionary cuts, will be turning off the light at the end of the tunnel... ;-)

  4. Hmm, here in OZ tomorrow a sunny 36 degrees (Celsius) and an even more sunny 41 degrees the day after. Feel like doing a weather trade?

    1. Uuuggh, 36? No chance. The sweet spot is about 24-25, warm enough to sit outside with a beer, but not too hot to stop you doing anything!