Sunday, 2 December 2012

Climbing Clachnaben On A Winters Day

Next to no painting or modelling this weekend as it was the Mrs birthday on Saturday.  She fancied going for a walk somewhere so we went up and around Clachnaben, taking the in-laws for company.  There's been snow lying on Deeside for a week or so, and it made for some very picturesque views.  Gave me some great inspiration for my Easy Company "Bastone" army, although the troops in the Ardennes certainly didn't have to put up with our north-east wind!  It was bitter.  Officially we were at 2º but the wind meant it felt much colder!

If you've ever wondered what a hunk of granite looks like, well here you are.

True story, a few years ago, Aberdeen were playing Lokomotiv Moscow in the Uefa cup and at the time I was managing a mobile phone store.  On the day of the match a group of Muscovites were in the shop and we all got talking.  They particularly wanted to know where they could get hats and scarves.  I said that as they were from Moscow, surely they could cope with a chilly day in Aberdeen?  They replied that they were used to a normal, dry cold at home, even though it was -20º, all you had to do was wrap up.  Here however, the cold just ripped through you, the wind and the drizzle came from every direction and seeped into your bones!  It wasn't even that cold for our winter at the time!  Great guys though, gave us some Roubles as a souvenir!

Doesn't really look as cold as it was.

Walking with the in-laws is a hell of an experience.  They took up "serious" walking a couple years ago and they're the kind of couple who throw themselves into something wholeheartedly.  Consequently they have every kind of gadget and piece of paraphernalia available; sun glasses, snow glasses, thick gloves, thin gloves, portable seats, snoods?, poles, some kind of Asian wool base layers, removable spikes, countless clips, straps and bags.  Everything.  Watching them unload themselves for lunch and load up again was a bit of a spectacle!

Yours truly, hiding from the in-laws...err, I mean the wind!

After that, I took the Mrs out for dinner and a few drinks.  That should keep me in the good books long enough for her to ignore the box of figures due to arrive this week.


  1. At least you didn't take it quite as far as these guys on your walk:,4475.html

  2. Nice pics... shades of 'Middle-Earth' there I fancy.. spookily enough it was my good lady's bday on saturday too, though she opted for a spa treatment, not a mountain hike ;-)

  3. I love hiking and that looks like a treat. Well, except for the freezing your butt off. But like you said, it puts you in the right frame of mind for Bastogne painting!

    1. Yeah, it's a lovely climb. The In-laws pointed out Clachnaben isn't a class of hill (Munro, Corbett etc,) but it offers a fine walk nonetheless.

  4. A very nice walk there. Although I enjoy hiking as well, like Scott there my Mrs considers walking to uni a hard day's walking so it's usually a cinema trip or some such nonsense on her birthday. Very good photos as well!

  5. Heh, the Mrs took all the photos. I struggle to hold the camera the right way up!