Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Ground Zero Games Offer

After waking up to find everything outside covered in the white stuff and an entertaining, but very minor, car crash on our road, I made the executive decision to hunker down today and do absolutely sod all.  Not that I needed much of an excuse, it's back to work tomorrow after a weeks holiday with an early, early start.

While our Chancellor busy giving us an update on how screwed we are and the shadow chancellor badgering him to borrow far more(!?!) I was summoned to the door by our postman, who handed me a wee parcel - and who doesn't love getting parcels in the post?

After some prompting from a couple friends, I went and placed an order from Ground Zero Games for some sci-fi figures (I'll talk later about what and why.)  What clinched the deal was the promotion GZG have on. I'll quote the release from their website:

Our 2012 Xmas Special starts from 00.01 (UK time) hours on SUNDAY 25th NOVEMBER and runs until MIDNIGHT (UK time) on Thursday 20th December. All qualifying orders (which are all those for over £30 of product, EXCLUDING VAT AND SHIPPING*) will get TWO specials included:

1) All orders for £30 or more of goods at list prices EXCLUDING VAT* get a FREE GOODIE BAG of extra minis and stuff - how much you get depends on the size of your order, and we'll tailor most of the contents to fit the kind of items you are ordering (plus the occasional novelty item or a sample that might tempt you into other ranges and scales...). What goes in the bag is OUR choice, so no cheekily asking for particular things please, but those of you who have had our previous Xmas deals will know that we give you a generous selection of items that you can actually use for your armies/fleets!
Sometimes we put in the odd special or unreleased item too, so you never know what you might get....

2) In addition to the Free Stuff with your order, all qualifying customers will also get a VOUCHER that you can use to get a generous DISCOUNT off a further order placed after Christmas - so you can get your pre-Xmas stuff now, and then use the voucher up when you have some gift money from all those relatives who have absolutely NO idea what to buy for you!
So the discount is nice, particularly as it runs to February, but the goody bag I recieved was really outstanding value.  I received two extra (big) packs which came to 25% of the value of my order AND they were from the same and similar ranges, so they'll both be of use. Excellent stuff.  Anyway, back to the couch!


  1. I feel the same way -we're all doomed so we might as well enjoy what you can. I'll have a look at GzG and see what's on offer.

  2. Sounds like a good deal! Always nice to get an extra surprise like that, and that's the most generous I've ever seen. Have to check them out. No snow here, so off to work for me ...

  3. I didn't know about the deal, thanks for reminder!