Sunday, 16 December 2012


Nothing planned at the club this week, but I still popped along for a blether and whatnot.  On the off chance, I stuck Quarriors in the bag, just in case anyone else felt like a game.  I usually take a game along every time I go after one notorious evening this year, when there were only two games on, but twenty four people had turned up!

Adam fancied a game, so we found a table and set up.  Quarriors is a dice-pool-building game.  The aim is to summon creatures (represented on some dice) who then attack the other player's creatures, before scoring points for their owner.  It's one of those deceptively simple/complex games;  I explained the game mechanics and turn order in about five minutes, we had a couple trial turns and then we were off playing.

Players start off with a fixed bag full of dice and take turns to draw six out randomly and roll them.  Players can then use symbols on these dice to buy more powerful dice from a central pool; creatures or spells for instance.  Most creatures have different abilities along with their own stats for attacking and defending and there are plenty of creatures to choose from.

What makes Quarriors such an enjoyable game is that the dice probability/luck balance is almost perfect.  What do I mean by that?  Well, I might have rolled well enough to buy two really powerful creatures, but the creature itself is only on three sides of it's particular dice. So you have to create a dice pool that gives you the best probability of rolling enough creatures and the cost required to use them.

The game certainly passed the "just one more game" test as we managed to squeeze in three games, despite only planning the one!

I wasn't really in the mood to write up a full review, particularly as there are the couple excellent links available, but just wanted to recommend Quarriors to you all!

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  1. New one on me, but I must confess that I'm intrigued; might have to add it to the Christmas list!