Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Another New Army - Easy Company!

Well, I cracked and ended up ordering a couple blister packs of US paratroopers from Battlefront.  Looking at the Parachute Rifle Company list from Nuts, you can build a reasonable 1200 point Flames of War force with about five blister packs, so I figured "what the hell" and, as I'm on holiday for a week, I'd get straight to work.

So while I was doing the prep work on the first platoon, this turned up from the postman:

Nice, a week earlier than expected.  I suggest you have a look at the Flames of War page for an idea what's in the pack.  As I plan to use a Toccoa Sergeant in each platoon, I cracked open the pack and picked out my favourite guy from Band of Brothers, Denver "Bull" Randleman, ably portrayed by Michael Cudlitz.  How good a sculptor do you need to be to get a likeness in 15mm?

I decided to try and save a bit of time by basing all the figures before priming them.  Normally I like to glue them to wooden sticks in order to paint figures individually and then carefully base them afterwards.  It's a fairly laborious process, but it appeals to the obsessive-compulsive in me to get each figure painted properly.  However, with only four figures per base, that shouldn't be as much of an issue.  And, to be honest, I could do with worrying less about painting each individual detail, than actually finishing units.

Using the snow basing tutorial in the Nuts book should also shave off valuable hours texturing and flocking all the bases, so I'm anticipating fairly rapid progress (at least, rapid for me...)


  1. The number of your projects knows no bounds :) these look nice sculpts. I'm always impressed when sculptors manage to get the likeness of actors in cinematically-inspired ranges - even more so in 15mm.

    Enjoy the holiday :)

  2. Bull looks like he's eating a Mars Bar. Great idea though and I'm looking forward to the updates

  3. LOL just like the building sets this is another project we have both been sucked into, I'm also doing Easy Company!

    Good luck with your project for your holiday.


  4. Wonderful project. Its winter in Minnesota, which means its time to watch Band of Brothers again. Until then, I'll be following this one!

  5. A good subject, good work to come my friend.

  6. I might buy these just for the fun of it! a great TV series.