Sunday, 9 December 2012

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge 2013

Over at Analogue Hobbies, Curt is once again running his annual painting challenge.  And in an act of extreme masochism, he's expanded it out to 47 entrants - to tie in with his Revenge of the 47 Ronin theme.  Given the amount of posts he put up last year, Curt certainly has his work out this time around.  I've managed to nab a place in the 47 to spur me on painting through the dark months.

The challenge runs from the 20th December to the 20th March and, although preparing and undercoating figures is fine, you can't put brush to paint until the start date.  So in the interest of full disclosure, here's what I currently have on the painting table:

6 28mm Romano-British Shieldwall - these are almost finished, just details and a decision on the shields left.
6 28mm Welsh Skirmishers - base coats done.
6 28mm Waffen SS - again, just needing the equipment and basing finished.
1st platoon for Easy Company - about 30 15mm figures.
24 10mm ACW Union infantry - just need some minor details and basing. These are from an abortive ACW army, I very quickly abandoned 10mm to switch to 15mm along with others from the club.

As none of these are eligible for the challenge, I'll try and finish off some of these (although I've no real drive to finish the ACW or SS stuff at the moment.)

So what will I be focusing on in the challenge?  Well it's historicals only, so over the next three months you should see:

28mm Dark Age Welsh/British
15mm Easy Company for Flames of War
15mm American Civil War Union
10mm Punic Wars - maybe, MAYBE

Oh, and a 28mm Samurai figure (the tribute all must pay to Curt for running the challenge!)

I've no intentions of winning or even being competitive, I just want to be involved in what is a highly entertaining community event.  Last year's challenge seemed to be everywhere on the blog scene and there were many wild and varied entries on show.  So thanks again to Curt for running the event again this year (47 entries?  He must be nuts!)


  1. Yes he must be!!!!

    Glad to see you join us this year. I am prepping figures at the moment but also stuff that will not score points but I want to get painted (buildings). I also have three projects on the go at the moment but these will be finished in time for the challange. It'd the friendly banter that makes the challange work for me as well. Though I have set myself the goal of beating my place and points from last year


  2. That is a great to-do list! I'm eager to see how you do your Welsh as I have a SAGA starter-box to get done.

    How many points do you think you want to set for your par? Drop me a note if you can.



  3. Great looking list will look forward to the Saga Welsh. I too am looking forward to being part of what I am sure will be a great comp
    Peace James
    Exiles Painting