Tuesday, 3 April 2012

RAF Wargaming Association Championship 2012

This weekend saw the Royal Air Force Wargaming Association Championship 2012.  Gaz ran a small Dystopian Wars event with five players (including me.)  Other than that, there were tournaments for Flames of War and Warhammer 40K, a big roleplaying session and individual games of Black Powder, Arkham Horror, and and Age of Sail type game.  There was also a painting competition, raffle (involving rolling lots of dice - quality) and a nice dinner on the Saturday night (we toasted the Queen - first time I've ever done that!)

Given that the event was full of current and ex service personnel, there was also a vast quantity of booze (all at £1.50 a pint!) and on Saturday and Sunday, a few sore heads!  I took a few photos, but haven't had the chance to work through them yet.  Here's a sneak peek though:

So thanks to Gaz, Big Al, Woody, Rob, Sean, Pete, Steve, Nick, Dave and everyone else for a great weekend!

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