Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Enders Game Movie next year? WOOOOOO!

I've just been listening to the latest D6 Generation podcast while (what else) painting.  Their guest,  a game developer called Curt Covert, mentions about 45 minutes in, that he's seen studio footage from an Enders Game movie. . . 

Frantically scrabbled to IMDB for confirmation and WOOOOOO!!!  Next year, late 2013.

Classic, CLASSIC sci-fi, wonderful characters, perfect pacing, terrific last third, ending made me so something rather unmasculine!

This is the first movie I've actually been excited about in years.  Although there's sure to be plenty of anxiety over what they change, add or remove from the book, I'll save that for nearer the release date.  Great news.

Go hug a bugger you little third!


  1. Going to have to google this but your excitement has infected me!

  2. Well I guess we'll see if if they don't 'hollywood' it up. If it's good I'm def excited