Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Now I don't normally bring up sport on the blog, but tonight has to be an exception.
Coom On The Chelski!!!

I ended up at the club tonight (partly because I didn't feel up to watching the whole game live - too stressful!) with Adam and Gaz, playing the Game Of Thrones card game.  The club, however, is in the basement of a sports club, so we ended up upstairs in the bar for better lighting.

So I just kept an eye on the tv for the first sixty minutes, but once our game finished, had to watch the last half hour.  What a game. . . I'm not a sports columnist or expert, I just try to support my team and enjoy it, so controversy aside, what a great result!

P.S.  Before I get any comments about being a Chelski fan in Aberdeen, let me explain that the only reason I support the Chelski is that almost every native Aberdonian is a ManU fan.  There's a wee story, but I won't go into it now.


  1. Fantastic result. As an Everton supporter I haven't had much time for Chelsea but was delighted for them last night. I feel sorry for the players who'll miss out on the final (except JT of course)!

  2. A great result for English footie, I'm a Leeds fan, and I hate Chelski, but you've gotta support home sides in Europe. Nice one!

  3. Okay, good for Chelsea and British football, what are you like...too stressful!