Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2012 Plans

Well there are plenty of 2012 resolutions posts going up all over the blogoshpere, so I'd be remiss if I didn't go along with the flow.  Last year, I set some modest goals and was fairly successful, so this year I've gone for some slightly grander and much more specific goals. Hopefully these will help me keep focused on what I'm doing and avoid those random periods of time when I simply stop painting.

In order of importance, we have:

The Great Italian Wars

First up is getting started on my latest project, the Great Italian Wars.  The miniatures and bases I ordered finally arrived, and (ahem) the first touches of paint have been applied!  Yes, well. . . anyway.  So the goal this year is two 800 point armies, based for Field of Glory: Renaissance.  I've also set a goal of building some terrain pieces, at least six, including some larger pieces - I'm thinking either an olive grove or vineyard, that kind of thing.  Lastly, I'd like to run at least one game with said armies and terrain.  I'm absolutely loving the history of the period, so I need to get some miniatures painted to keep that motivation going.


Yup, improve the standard of my painting.  This one sounds a bit vague, but I'd like to improve to the standard where I "get" techniques like wet-blending, glazing and similar.  I can't think of any specific measurable for this one, other than the fact I think I'll know it when I see it.  The ability to take better pictures of miniatures would help a lot here, so I'll try working on that.  Tied into this goal is:

Infinity, Hordes and Warmachine

As I've mentioned before, I have a two factions for Hordes, but they've spent far more time on the gaming table than the painting desk.  The Mrs bought the Warmachine box game (with small Khador and Menoth forces) as my Christmas present and, finally, I've ordered some Yu Jing miniatures from eBay (although they've yet to arrive, grrr.)  Each of these games are small, skirmish affairs so don't require a huge amount of miniatures per side.  Both games are also characterised by having some amazing paint jobs for their studio armies (see this guy for an idea of the standard.)

So, I've set myself the task of painting small forces for all three games (Two 200 point forces for Infinity and four 25 point forces for Hordes and Warmachine,) painted to the highest standard I can manage. Simple.

Dystopian Wars

Straightforward enough here - finish up all the various fleets I've started, Prussians and Empire of the Blazing Sun, as well as any reinforcements that might (ahem) appear.  I've also won a Covenant of Antarctica fleet through Tabletop Fix, although I'm not sure if I'll paint it myself or give it to one of my regular opponents.  I'll decide when it arrives from Spartan Games.  The minis I've started are painted to a pretty average standard, so, individually, they don't take too long to paint, the trick is keeping them neat and the scheme consistent over the whole fleet.

Flames of War

After selling my Fallschirmjager army last year, I planned to replace it with another fallschirmjager force painted (and based) to a higher standard.  However, I've only managed one base to test a new paint scheme (it didn't turn out as planned.)  I really haven't had much desire to get back into Flames of War, mainly due to painting too much of it for other people. Hopefully the new edition will kick start this drive, so I'll set a modest target of painting a new 600 point force (this should only be about 70 15mm figures, not too daunting.)

So that's what I'm planning for 2012.  I do have a few other ideas, but they're less than concrete at the moment:

I'd like to get a few games in of Force On Force, but can't pick a time period to go for.  I don't fancy either of the modern theatres they've done (Iraq or Afghanistan,) so at the moment that leaves either 80s Cold War or Vietnam, with an African conflict supplement later this year. 

Saga is still catching my eye, but for some intangible reason, I've not bit the bullet and actually ordered the rules.  I may get round to this once the expansion is released, but then again.

Depending on how the Warlord/Osprey WWII rules turn out, I might get some more Bolt Action Germans painted up, as well as some opponents (I'm leaning towards Soviets.)  I really haven't found a decent platoon level WW2 set of rules, so hopefully these will hit the spot.

Lastly, I'd like to get some more RPG-ing in sometime.  Hopefully Black Crusade will see some decent supplements this year and I'll definitely pick up the new Iron Kingdoms book from Privateer Press.


  1. Sounds like your gonna have a pretty busy year, good luck with the projects, I look forward to seeing some painted figs!

  2. Good Luck with the plans for 2012. I have done a similar list myself on my new blog. Pop over for a look if you are interested

  3. @Ray Thanks! Yeah, hope to get the first unit painted up by the weekend.

    @David Cheers! Although, my list of goals looks pretty paltry in comparison to yours! Scottish Renaissance? RCW? Bloodyhell!