Thursday, 12 January 2012

First game of 2012 - Chaotic Dystopian Wars

Tuesday saw the first wargame of 2012! Dystopian Wars at the club, with my regular opponent and his Brits against my (ahem) almost painted Prussians.  This was all the more impressive considering it took me four months to get a game played in 2011.

We tried out all the latest rules updates as posted on the Spartan Games site here and here.  We also took it as an opportunity to go over the rules and correct some rules we had been misinterpreting (bravery and commander mainly.)

Tiny Fliers are now a whole lot easier to manage, movement hasn't changed much, but the attack and defence rules have been well streamlined and are much more straightforward.

The Field Orders generator and game set up are great additions.  Before you pretty much had to decide your mission and terrain yourself, now there is at least some guidance.

The left flank was the scene of absolute carnage - 8 destroyed and 3 captured!

Nation rules.  Hmmm, not too keen on the new KoB generator rules, but that's probably because a) I couldn't even chip the paint against the Battleship last night, and b) felt my Prussians didn't get much love with their new rules (oooh!!! 1 extra dice after damage!!!)

Still, as a trial game, it was quite succcessful.  Although we played two hours, only two turns were completed, but I think we ironed out a lot of issues we were having.  I still have a couple areas I'd like cleared up:

Is defensive Ack Ack combined or linked against tint fliers?
Against tiny fliers, does everyone in range get Ack Ack?
Clear up the exact order for dogfighting.

A rematch is due next week, but I think I'll go back to my Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet (they might just have some reinforcements available!)


  1. I myself am still getting to grips with the rules but they are very enjoyable

  2. Scotty, liked your FSA vs Prussian battle report. Make sure you read the new tiny flier rules, they'll save you a whole load of time and hassle!