Saturday, 28 January 2012

A Quick Update

Just a quick post on this weeks progress.

We had another game of Dystopian Wars at the club (which has been packed the last couple weeks) with my Empire of the Blazing Sun and Gaz's Kingdom of Britannia fleets.  No photos I'm afraid, but it was a solid victory for the Blazing Sun.  It was also a timely reminder that painted models always do better than unpainted ones - my newly finished Dreadnought and Destroyers both performed admirably.  However, the only undercoated Skyfortress, on it's debut, was unceremoniously blown out of the sky!

It was our second game using the updated rules from Spartan Games.  I still hate the new Britannia generator rules (I have to read these again as they seem waaaay too powerful now,) but the new EotBS movement rules are suprisingly useful.  If anyone out there is using the new rules, I'd heartily recommend reading this post of the Spartan forum to clear up a lot of grey areas!

I also had a try of making my own storage tray this week - it's surprisingly effective, although I don't think BattleFoam need to worry too much!

In other news, my order from Museum Miniatures has arrived (some 15mm Landsknechts,) and they look good enough to probably put in another order while their 25% sale is still on.  I've finished up the first batch of figures for my Italian Wars project and am just waiting for some bases to arrive so I can get them completed.  We're planning another Black Crusade session, but I think we might end up waiting for the first supplement (just released) before going any further.

Fortunately for my nerd time, the sporting schedule is due to relax a bit next week, leaving more painting time!  I'm sure I could have got a lot more done this week if it weren't for the football (far too much nonsense to talk about,) the snooker (always bet on the thinner guy,) the tennis (Andy Murray's Scottish again,) the womens tennis (is this even a sport?) and the cricket (best team in the world my arse!)

Have a good weekend everyone!

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