Saturday, 7 January 2012


Despite the fact I'm in my thirties, and financially independent, I still get some Christmas cards with cash in them! I think it's a kind of tradition on one side of my family! This year, the Xmas dough bought nice meal out, a couple bottles of wine and a few nerd supplies!

In keeping with my resolutions, I've picked up the Combined Army Starter Set and Skiavoros lieutenant for Infinity.  My Yu Cing miniatures still haven't arrived from eBay yet, so I'll be able to get started on these guys.

Ambush Valley is the Vietnam supplement for Force on Force.  There is lots of eye candy on show, hopefully the content is equally impressive!

Lastly, Peter Wilson's Europe's Tragedy is a (popular) history of the Thirty Yeas War.  It's had some great reviews and I'm really looking forward to reading this.

Incidentally, Maelstrom Games have a 17% discount event going on.  I think it ends in a couple days, so grab a bargain while you can.

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