Thursday, 15 November 2012

Battlefront Bastogne Church - Tiny Nerdgasm!

Although it's apparently been there for a few weeks, I've just seen that Battlefront have their Bastogne Church up in their online store.  It's been heavily featured in the last couple Wargames Illustrated issues and, presumably, in Nuts as well.

Got to say that it looks absolutely lush.  Price is a little on the high side, but I have the same thoughts on this as I do on their house deal; namely that I wouldn't buy it bare and paint it myself, but am happy to pay a little extra to get it pre-painted (even if it needs a little work out of the box.)  Who am I kidding, I'm certainly going to buy this.

Flames of War has taken a little bit of a back set lately, too much "new shiny!" syndrome around here, but FoW is a slow burner, I always drift back to it.  


  1. Very nice, if I didn't already have the TotalBattle one, I'd be tempted.

    1. Haven't seen any TBM stuff in the flesh, but some of their buildings look fantastic.