Friday, 3 August 2012

Drum Castle and Some Loot

Glorious weather today, compared with the rain we've had all week, so the Mrs took the day off and we had a trek out to Drum Castle.  It's about twelve miles from our house and we can follow the old railway path all the way there (got the bus back of course.)

Drum Castle is one of those hodgepodge Scottish castles, an ancient 13th century tower with bits having been bolted on over the years.  Plenty of character though, and like most Scottish landmarks has a Jacobite connection (someone hid there for a couple years before the pardon - if you believe that kind of thing)  Although it's pretty small by European standards, I absolutely love going there, even on days like today when there were dozens of kids running about!

Sadly, the café was really busy, so there was no beer there for me after the epic hike to get there!

Also, rounding out the day nicely, a nerd package was waiting for me when we got home, White Dwarf, No Quarter, some Greeks and a Lord of the Rings Card pack.  These, and a couple cold ones rounded out a great Friday off!

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