Sunday, 19 August 2012

A day out and some Bolt Action... errr... action

As the big orange warm thing was in the sky again today (two days on the spin,) the Mrs and I decided to trek out to the beach.  The picture below is proof positive that you're never too old to go paddling, but not piddling, in the sea!

Without sounding too much like an old man, it was nice to see that families with toddlers still go to the beach, build sandcastles and run into the sea etc.

On the gaming front, I decided to go ahead and pre-order Bolt Action from Warlord Games. Having read the couple articles Rick Priestly has written and a couple reviews from play testers, the game has a lot of promise.  I like the pinning mechanic and the leadership tests needed to activate units, although I'm less sold on the random activation sequence.

The release is about a month away, so it seems perfectly possible to paint up a small platoon for some early gaming.  So I've started work on a first squad of SS Germans, with a view to having these finished next weekend.  Another squad, a command platoon and three or four support options should finish the platoon off nicely.  But we'll see how I get on, best laid plans and all that.


  1. Smashing stuff - although I didn't get to the beach, I did have (modelling) sand under my fingernails today. I've not read much about Bolt Action (despite getting pretty much all my WW2 from Warlord) - I'm trying the free rules first like Nuts. I have some Waffen-SS WW2 to square off against my British airborne, what sort of force did you have in mind? Can't wait for the photos!

    1. Someone ran a demo game of Nuts a couple years ago, but it didn't really grab my attention.

      Not planning anything too ambitious; two or three Grenadiers (only one MG in the box,) command squad, mortar and an HMG or two.

      If things go well, I'll add in some armour and a Pak40 or similar. If things go even better, I'll add some extra figures and halftracks.

  2. I'll watch this with interest to see what you make of the rules.