Friday, 10 August 2012

Another eBay bargain - Dark Heresy Flavoured

Another eBay bargain arrived today: The Radicals Handbook from the Dark Heresy RPG range.  I've been gradually building up my Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader collection, mainly because I'm a completionist and a big 40K background geek.

Although we're spending most of our RPG time on Black Crusade, I love the depth to the DH range.  The Radical's Handbook looks like a great mix for gamers, lots of ideas for GMs and plenty of new options for players, although I'd have liked to have a campaign included too.

I should also  mention the great quality of artwork on show, most of it I haven't seen elsewhere before.

The 40K roleplay range of books aren't cheap though, hence why I pick most of them off eBay.  You'd be surprised how cheap you can get them for in the right circumstances, usually in excellent condition.  I still pick up the new releases for full price though. . .

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