Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Adios Amigo

Happy sad news today.  Gaz, one of my regular gaming buddies, and his Mrs (with whom he batting well above his average) have hopped it to work in New Zealand for a year.  Given the weather lately, can't say I blame them!

So I wish them all the best for the next year.  I was going to insert a random stereotypical Kiwi joke here, but I decided to take the moral high ground and put out an alert to all baggage crew in London:  There's a really expensive set of Magic: the Gathering cards travelling in his luggage.  Just saying...

Good luck mate.


  1. Where in NZ is he heading to?

    1. They're going to Auckland via Singapore, but I don't think they have a plan after that.

  2. Wish them luck...especially with holding on to the deck!