Saturday, 23 June 2012

Rose Tinted glasses time - White Dwarf


For the first time in about a year, I bought a copy of White Dwarf.  We were on holiday and I always read a lot, so just wanted something else to get the wargaming fix in.  I didn't how much I missed the old familiar, self-satisfied GW rag.  It reminded me of my younger days when getting WD was essential for new rules and models (no internet in those days, kids.)

This didn't seem like a great issue, but was enjoyable enough.  Most of the issue was taken up with their new releases, which isn't a great surprise, but there was a good mix of rules, painting and pics.  I quite like the recent trend in 40K to get these bigger kits out in plastic.  I'm really tempted to pick up a Storm Talon to paint, just for the hell of it.  There was also a decent article called "The Battle For Cardrim" but I'd have appreciated a battle report (however scripted) to go with it.

Good.  Good, but not great.

Still, I can see a lot of changes from the magazine I remember.  The tone of the writing has become much blander; much like commercial promotional material, they talk about one great unit or kit choice, then go to pains to say that all their other units and kits are equally great too TO THE MAX!  Contrast the writing to Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy or No Quarter and the difference is quite stark.  Probably it was always written this way and is due more to my tastes changing than any massive change in editing.

Is it just me, or has the standard of the painting declined as well?  There wasn't a 'Eavy Metal masterclass, but there was a painting guide for two of the new flyers.  Neither guide came close to the standard of the studio models?  I still have plenty of the old masterclass articles and refer to them all the time (my Warmachine Khador troops are painted following the Space Hulk Terminator guide,) a shame if they've gone.  And another thing, where are the prices for all the new releases?

Ah, a list of model shops in Moldova and Macau - how would I cope without?

Still, despite misgivings, I continue to feel GW drawing me in again.  Definetly not Fantasy though, GW lost me there when they reduced my Skeleton Warriors to 5 points in an effort to make me buy even more.  But 40K was my first "proper" wargame and, although Black Crusade keeps me in with 40K, I do miss the full game.  With the convienently announced new edition, I might have a look sometime.  Probably I'll wait until any new box set comes out first though.


  1. Don't let the dark empire draw you in again after you've managed to escape.

    Your right about the bland style of writing though and pretty bland articles nowadays too, the mag is just a platform for any new releases now, pity it used to be a great showcase for modelling painting and gaming ideas.

  2. I do pick up WD once in a while, although as Hendrid says above it has lost most of its magic. No fluff any more; it's just become a platform for launching new models - I'm glad someone else finds the list of model shops in obscure European countries as useful as I do. I use the Swedish place names in the list of stores as a name generator.

    1. Lol, that's genius - consider that idea stolen!

  3. If you look around the interweb you can download all the 'original' White Dwarfs (i.e. pre 40k and all that tosh).