Saturday, 30 June 2012

An Inspirational Shot in the Arm

This morning I picked up the latest issues of both Wargames Illustrated and Wargames Soldiers & Strategy.  I was surprised by how much I enjoyed both issues - the last few issues of WI didn't do much for me and the last WS&S was garbage.

Instead, this issue of WS&S had plenty on offer; an interesting theme of Colonial warfare including a Saga variant, a Dux Bellorum dark age rules Q&A and the usual entertaining editorials.

Of particular interest was the Norman scenario article (I automatically associate Normans with the Conguest) and a showcase of 15mm WW2 rules manufacturers.

Speaking of World War Two, Wargame Illustrated devotes a fair chunck of space to the new Flames of War book, Devils Charge.  Fortunately, it looks really impressive.  I mentioned earlier the great studio paint job on the German tanks; WI has not only the Konigstiger, but Panthers too.  Both, along with the new American gear, are showcased in a huge battle report that didn't sound too scripted.  Great work.

And staying with World War Two, the designers notes for the Warlord/Osprey rulest Bolt Action are really engaging.  Bolt Action reads like a fairly predictable game with the odd flourish thrown in - the random activation mechanic sounds interesting, it could be a blast or be absolute pants.  I've begun painting my Bolt action Germans in preparation for the release.  That's still two months away, surely I can finish a platoon of figures in that time?

Other than that, there are two hobby articles, one on painting skin and faces and the other on photographing miniatures, both areas where I struggle just now.

What really got interested though was the amount on new releases announced.  Victrix are apparantly releasing plastic Republican Romans (can I get a woooh at the back!)  Quality, the Punic Wars is THE period in history that gets me going - my first wargaming army was an "eclectic" mix of plastic and metal figures that vaguely resembled Romanan and Carthaginian armies.  Nowadays, with so many different ranges of 28mm figures, it would be much easier (and cheaper) to build up a legion or two.  Maybe I should get some Warlord Macedonians painted now, so I've an enemy of Rome ready to go.  And now I think about it, I've been looking for an excuse to buy that metal Phyrrus figure someone released.

If that wasn't enough, Conquest Games have announced a date for their plastic Norman infantry set.  Suddenly a six point Saga force becomes readily affordable.  Lastly, one of the magazines (I didn't notice which) has the greens for Warlord Games plastic WW2 Soviets! Well, those Germans will need someone to fight, won't they.

I remember thinking this last year, but this really is a golden age for wargaming; plenty of new and expanding companies in the historical range; Privateer Press and Mantic muscling in on GW, GW responding with bigger and crazier kits, new RPGs on the way from FFG and Privateer Press, the appearance of Kickstarter etc.  I could go on.  This kind of inspires me to get some projects finished, lest I miss out on any of the goodness.


  1. hey, you forgot to mention the great tips on taking pictures of miniatures :-)

    Good review in any case!

  2. Thanks! But I think it's in there somewhere. It's a good article too, I can't take photos for dirt!

  3. For the first time in quite a few issues I enjoyed WI this month, I'm really getting sick to death of half the mag being a promotion for FOW. Don't get me wrong I quite like WW2 games, but I'm pig sick of having it thrust down my throat every issue. Saying that the Jacobite stuff in this and last months issues is top class and so is this months painting technique and like Braxon said the taking pics article was excellent too!
    Great post!!