Friday, 29 June 2012

Fallschirmjager + Konigstiger = Win

Just a quick follow up to this mornings Fallschirmjager WIP post.  Battlefront have put up another preview for Devils Charge, their Battle of the Bulge supplement, here.  And it includes King Tigers with Fallschirmjager tank riders!  Quality.  I remember reading years ago that there was an FJ drop during the Bulge, so hopefully the Germans will at least get some FJ support, if not a full list.

None of the current FJ lists let you use either Tiger tanks, but a tank list with FJ support? Well that's tempting!  What's more, the German armour looks like it's all in that lovely hard-edged camouflage scheme (Surprise?) Great for those of us who don't have an airbrush. Looks like yet another purchase, even if its just one for for the hell of it.


  1. Cool looking set! Best, Dean

  2. As I remember, the Bulge 'drop' was a fiasco and the FJ were severely mauled as a result.