Monday, 18 June 2012

Ebay User "serra_angelccg" you are a douche!

I mentioned in yesterdays post that I made one exception to my disconnected holiday - namely, checking into eBay to see if I'd won a couple auctions.  Turns out I had, a mint copy of Dark Heresy Ascension at a very, very reasonable price.  But no, apparantly the seller, serra_angelccg, no longer had the book to sell.  He says he tried everything to cancel the listing (did he not try the "end listing" option?)  Maybe he genuinely sold the book to someone else, or, more likely, he wasn't happy at the final price, but in either case, he's a douche.

Now I've never left negative feedback for any problems on eBay, but this guy has really cheesed me off.  On the other hand, this really isn't the kind of thing you should get too worked up over, especially when still on holiday.  So I'll hold off for now, if I get into a foul mood sometime in the next few days, I might do something.

Ahhh. Rant over and I feel a bit better for that.


  1. I hear you!

    I've never left negative feedback in 10 years of being on ebay until this last week. Similar thing, bought a book that didn't exist.

    Hope you get a satisfactory resolution.

  2. You're right, he didn't like the price!