Sunday, 18 March 2012

A laaazzzy Sunday

Aberdeen beach on a warm March day, well warm for Aberdeen in March. . .
I awoke this morning with every of settling down and finishing my fleet Blazing Sun for Dystopian Wars.  However 10°, little wind and direct sunshine is shirt off weather in Aberdeen.  Well it would have been shirt off if not for the ten or eleven pounds of winter "girth" I'm carrying.

Although, these guys were still well wrapped up.
So after a few hours out walking and then cooking a hefty Sunday dinner, I really wasn't up to doing anything productive.  In fact, I consider staying awake to be an achievement today. Instead, I watched a bit of sport, read for a bit and played Mass Effect 3 on the XboX.  In other words, a great way to spend a Sunday.
It took him a long time to do this properly, but he looked pretty cool!

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