Monday, 26 March 2012

Another Sunday in the Sun

Roasting hot, but still not Spring yet - notice the distinct lack of any green
Some record temperatures in our neck of the woods yesterday, 22°C inland, but about 18°C in Aberdeen.  We went for another trek, inland this week, along the river Dee.  The Mrs, who isn't a tech head at all, wanted to try out a new app that tracks the distance and route you walk.  It seems to work fine, the distance seems about right  (12.76 miles) and the statistics available are really interesting (average walking speed of 3.16 mph with 19 minutes where we were stationary.)

The view from where we had lunch, not a soul in sight!
Sunday was a marked improvement on previous days.  I treked down to Glasgow for a job interview, only to have them announce that the position has been filled internally and that they're interviewing "with a view for future expansion."  Tossers.  Then, to increase the joy, I've pulled my back again so am in constant discomfort (I'd like to say constant agonising pain, but it's not that bad.  Just extremely annoying!)

However, earlier in the week, we had our final warm up game of Dystopian Wars (it deserves it's own post, soon) which was great fun AND my fleet is almost finished, with just some details to paint and then seal everything.

I defy anyone to see a llama and not smile
Hopefully I'll get the painting finished tomorrow and can then decide what to work on next. . . I haven't bought any new models in about six weeks!


  1. Some nice pics, love the Llama! Sorry to hear about your back, mine gives me one up constantly, then every 6-8 weeks it goes completely, then its £50 for a trip to the osteopath!!!

  2. Nice pics and nagging back pain is such a drag as I'm constantly listening to Ray moaning about his!