Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Empire of the Blazing Sun Tournament List

I've been presured into submitting my fleet list for the Dystopian Wars event I'm attending at the end of the month.  It's a 800 point naval tournament with a cap of 240 points on air units (the tiny flier squadrons are free.)  So I've gone for an Empire of the Blazing Sun list:

Hachiman Class Dreadnought
Tsukuyomi Class War Gyro
Tanuki Class Gunship x 3
Yurgi Class Destroyer x 3
Uwatsu Class Frigate x 4
Torpedo Bombers x 5
Torpedo Bombers x 5

I'm fairly comfortable with the list.  The only real dilemma I had was choosing the War Gyro over the Sky Fortress, mainly because the Sky Fortress gives you three activations instead of just one.  However, I went for the Gyro due to the better quality firepower.  I should get in two more games before we go, so will hopefully get to iron out any issues.

There's not been a lot of activity on the blog this last week, as real life has rudely kept me busy.  I have got a bit of painting done though, namely some Flames of War figures and some work on my Great Italian Wars project.  Updates soon.


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    1. Coming up, want to finish off a few details on some, finish others.

  2. I'll look forward to the pics !!!!