Monday, 11 July 2011

Waterloo and Gladiator - New from Warhammer Historical

Just found this in my inbox:

Waterloo - Tabletop Wargaming in the Age of Napoleon

Can't say I'm a big Napoleonic player (at least on land, I have played my share of Age of Sail though) so this doesn't really grab me as a must buy.  Napoleonic rulesets haven't suffered much inattention recently, and a number of new releases are on their way, for instance Crusader and Victix.

No mention from Warhammer Historical what makes their system different from any other, although the previews on their site strike me as very similar to Black Powder.  

Gladiator - Deadly Arena Combat in Ancient Rome

A Gladiator release?  Could be dodgy.  The previews look very impressive and the reference sheet hints at decent level of depth.  The problem with most Gladiator games (Ludus Gladiatorius, Spartacus etc) is that they boil down to simply running towards each other and slashing away!  Hopefully, this ruleset will try something different.

Gladiator also supports mock sea battles and the good old chariot race, along with some form of campaign system.  Despite myself, I'm quite looking forward to having a look at Gladiator.

Waterloo looks a bit pricey at £36, but Gladiator seems ok at £20.

So I'm pleasantly surprised by the sudden new releases, but in all seriousness WH, where's the support for WAB gone?

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