Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Battlefront Fallschirmjager Artillery Box Sets

I've been having a quick look through the new releases for Flames of War.

I was surprised at the price difference between the two Fallschirmjäger artillery box sets available.  The Fallschirmjäger Artillery Battery box includes four guns, two observers, command and staff teams and costs £35 at RRP.  

What confused me was the price of the Fallschirmjäger Heavy Artillery Battery at £26 at RRP.  Again this includes four guns, two observers, command and staff teams.

However, the difference stems from the fact that the first Artillery box includes the option for two different guns; the 10.5cm leFH18/40 & 10.5cm leFH18.  The former uses the smaller PaK 40 trailer, making it a Heavy gun team, unlike the latter which is an Immobile gun team.

A fair difference in price between the two sets (£9 for four extra trailers,) especially when you consider the two gun options, bar movement, have an identical profile.  Still, nice for the historically minded!

As you can't field a Heavy Artillery Platoon without first fielding an Artillery Platoon, the first box looks like an immediate purchase.  Not sure when I'll get round to picking up the second box set though.

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