Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hell Dorado and Malifaux News

A couple of announcements have really caught my eye this week:

First off, Cipher Studios have finally announced pre-orders for the Hell Dorado rulebook!

Doesn't really look like a big announcement, but an English rulebook was originally announced back in January.  Plus I've had one on pre order from Maelstrom since April!  I haven't played any games with the quick start rules, nor do I own any of the models anymore (although I painted some up for a friend a couple years ago,) but hopefully the release of the full rulebook will get his game a bit more attention.  Hell Dorado has some great miniatures, especially Augustinus Raimond, my favourite:

Secondly, Wyrd have started releasing some preview artwork for the third (fourth?) book for Malifaux, Twisted Fate.
Unfortunately, Lady Justice has been killed!  

Possibly this is either her Avatar or her Alternative form.  Neither term means much to me (Avatars were mentioned in the original rulebook though,)  but Wyrd have been using the terms, capitalised, on their website.  Interesting to see where the Malifaux storyline will go this time.

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