Sunday, 10 July 2011

Lady Justice Nightmare Crew

The spooks over at Tabletop Fix have just posted the actual miniatures for Lady Justice Nightmare Box.

In terms of the scuplts, it's a bit of a mixed set.  Lady Justice, to me, is simply a bit "meh," not particularly exciting, just a "look at my tits" kind of pose.  Judge is a little more dynamic, particularly as he's stabbed himself in the leg.  Will he have some kind of self-inflicted-wound-for-X-special-effect rule?

The Death Marshals however look immense - I love the bear claw on the guy on the right's leg!  The guy coming out of the coffin looks really menacing and the third Marshal looks really nonchalant, casually carrying his coffin and dragging a corpse around.

The painting standard from Wyrd is to their usual high standard.

We've still no real idea whether or not these represent the Malifaux story moving on i.e. LJ and co are dead, or if this is an alternative release for some alternative rules i.e. Wyrd having a bit of fun with their IP.  Looking forward to the Twisted Fate release to find out.

Incidentally, I thought Judge has the "Never Me" rule to prevent him becoming undead?

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