Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Secret Santa!

A few days ago, my (replacement) secret santa present arrived, a Perry Miniatures Medieval Cottage!  A big thank you to whoever it was who sent it!

A great addition to my growing terrain pile, the kit consists of the cottage itself and some fencing along with some kind of hutch or chicken coop.  I think I'll end up using the fencing to make a field or some other kind of linear obstacle for Saga.

The cottage itself doesn't fit in too well with the time period for Saga, so I've been brainstorming an alternative use for it.  At the moment I'm thinking of kitbashing some steampunk or fantasy gubbins to it, for use in something like Malifaux or HoMachine etc.  Who knows what it'll end up as!  Thanks again!


  1. Well whatever you use it for its a great pressie!!!

  2. Glad it has arrived, Both Cath and your Santa have been quite worried about it going missing. I am not sure the full dealings but Caliver Books needed to post out a replacement so I hope your Santa did not have to pay any more as this looks a rather generous gift :-)


    1. Yes Ian, extremely generous. Thanks to Cath again for organising everything. I shouldn't think the sender should have had to pay any more, I spoke to Dave at Caliver (who couldn't have been more helpful) and believe they'll recover their costs from RM direct.