Thursday, 30 January 2014

Club Bring and Buy Night

At last years AGM, someone at the club (I forget who) brought up the idea of having a "bring and buy" night each year, to help move some unused lead and plastic between the different club members.  So we held it this week; lots of emails flying around with people hawking their various wares.

A nice haul (especially for the price - £0!) Cheers Adam.

I wasn't prepared enough to get rid of anything (still in the acquiring miniatures frame of mind,) but there was a nice enough turn out. Most members arranged trades or sales privately, but quite a few people brought along stuff simply to see if anyone else fancied them.  Adam moved on a fair few things "When am I going to get round to painting these?" Lots of books and magazines, plastic minis on frames and plenty of plain lead lying around, seemed like a success for the first outing.

Me?  Well I picked up a couple books, as well as Adam's redundant Khador miniatures for Warmachine.  I also snagged from Ken some spare bows for some miscellaneous dark age figures and a handy dead Norman knight for the next Painting Challenge weekend.

So it was a simple enough event and I wouldn't be surprised if we hold another one in the summer.  It was also nice to see something agreed at an AGM actually take place for once, certainly against expectations!

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