Monday, 6 January 2014

Challenge Update

Well, I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one who, over the festive season, completely lost track of the days of the week!  Suddenly it was the fourth of January and I had to quickly paint some D&D boardgame bad guys for the second theme weekend!  To avoid a repeat, I've had an hour or so today to quickly base and prime my entry for the 19th January.  I'll like to get them finished with a couple days to spare, in order to take some pictures in daylight this time (I've only been free in the evenings, so it's been harsh lights and camera flash all the way.)

These guys are really, really tiny.  Why are they taking so long to paint then?

Other than the theme weekends, I've been painting up some 10mm ECW infantry.  Some guys at the club have been talking playing some small Field of Glory: Renaissance games in, but no one seems to have got very far.  Perhaps seeing some finished figures could spur some of them on!

The idea with going with 10mm figures, is that it's more affordable than 15mm (by a good margin) and that they are quicker to paint too.  It's not gone to plan so far though; firstly I'm cramming ten figures to a 20x40mm base and, secondly, I can't get out of the habit of base, wash, layer and highlight when painting - and it takes a bloomin' age to do!  For the second unit of infantry, I'll try a simpler colour scheme and see if I can speed things up!

A night off painting tomorrow, as the club is back on.  I've a couple card games arranged, the obligatory Android: Netrunner savaging (although, I have won a few times recently,) and then a intro game for a friend to the Lord of the Rings card game.  Both games by Fantasy Flight Games and both absolutely fantastic.  Good times.


  1. It's always tempting to cram as many figures as you can onto a base when working with smaller scales. It does give a better mass effect look, but any advantage in price per figure gets outweighed by the number of figures used.

    The figures you've painted so far look great.

  2. I used to have the same problem when painting smaller scales giving them as much detail as a 28mm figure, after many years I have finally allowed my self to accept that smaller scale figures can be done simpler and be as effective looking.

    What you have done though look excellent

  3. Where does the time go? I had such great plans for the holiday period, but now suddenly just to keep up with the theme rounds!