Sunday, 25 August 2013

Some DreadBall and a bit of a whine...

Another game of Dreadball at the club last week, me with the Orx against Adam's new shiney (and unpainted I might add) Judwan team.

Here's the state of the game with one Rush to go (basically one more turn.)  Not good for my Orx team, see that green token on the track to the top left?  Well that means I'm six points down in this game.  More frustratingly, I haven't even killed any of the opposing team!  In hindsight, I think I was trying to be too clever this game; I should have spent the first few rushes brutalizing the other team, then walked the ball to the scoring area when there were only a couple left! Would have been a lot more fun too!

I think I'm getting to try out some of the other teams available next week and am really looking forward to seeing how a couple of them in particular play.  Rumours about the next wave of Dreadball teams (Season 3) have surfaced recently, see the BoLS article.  The phrase "The Zee's - A group of identical monkey clones" is just full of win!

Aside from the game, I've not been up to much gaming or modelling recently.  I've had a lot of solicitor and other bills recently and they've really sapped my will to do much of anything. August was particularly harsh as, aside from a weekend away visiting friends, I've done absolutely bugger all.  I had hoped September would be much better, but yet another solicitor bill has wiped out my overtime and my six-month bonus from work.  I'd planned a week's holiday away somewhere (all the advice I've had since becoming single again involves having a couple holidays away on your own) but that's been knocked on the head until October at the earliest.   Suffice to say, I now understand all those lawyer jokes! Well, that's enough whining for one post, just wanted to give you an idea why there hasn't been much on the blog the last few months.

Away to the club again this Tuesday night coming; trying out the new Osprey rules, Ronin.  Quality.


  1. Sorry to hear about the bills bullshit sir, what do they call 20,000 solicitors at the bottom of the sea.......a good start!

  2. Bummer about the lingering bills. I think more games with friends is in order.