Wednesday, 7 August 2013

July Gaming

Just a quick look back on what I was up to in July.  I don't have anywhere to comfortably paint or model at the moment and that's really been getting me down recently.  However, I've still managed to get a fair few games in over the month.


I had a weekend away, visiting friends in Edinburgh.  In true gamer fashion, I took a few games with me and we settled down for a couple evenings of beers, junk food and games!  Gaz has recently picked up the X-Wing bug, so I took down my copy and a few of the additional ships. Six games over a couple games, giving every ship a try.  Quick summary; Slave 1 is simply brutal, Wedge is still the best rebel pilot, Vader the best Imperial and the YT-1300 (the Millennium Falcon model) will last a long time, but always gets blown up!
I'd like to think that I'm now pretty competent at X-Wing, getting used to the movement phase and predicting where enemy ships will be has taken a long time.  I'm still impressed by how solid the ruleset it, very clear, very logical.  Looking forward to the next wave (fuck knows how I'll be paying for them though!)


One of the most fun games I own, we had about six or seven games over my weekend away. The rules are very easy to grasp, taking only a few minutes to explain.  If you like dice, you'd like this game.  Brings out the competitive edge though... and the trash-talking.

Magic The Gathering

Never played this before, but Gaz and his Mrs talked me through a game of the "Commander" variant.  I kind of understood what was going on, but I think they were being gentle with me and that I could have been crushed quite easily.  Enjoyable enough, but not my cup of tea because...

Android Netrunner

Still my favourite game at the moment.  It's taken me a loooong time to really "get" ANR beyond the starter box (it's a deck building card game if you didn't know.)  A couple weeks ago though, I built what I would call my first "proper" decks, tried them out and was impressed by how quickly the game plays when you know what you're doing.  I'd like to get some more regular games in and maybe try a tournament somewhere (the nearest one is held about seventy miles away) in the next couple months.


You can read briefly about my Fire As She Bears and Nuklear Winter '68 games.  I've also tried out a new (to me) genre of game recently.  Enjoyed it tremendously and I plan to write about it shortly.

Until next time...

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