Thursday, 28 March 2013

Some Casual Games and A Wang-Shaped Castle

The last couple weeks have been consumed with house hunting and other preparations for moving home.  I need to get some kind of portable painting kit arranged so I can keep going with one or two projects while we're dealing with all the upheaval.

Still, I took an evening off on Tuesday and went along to the club as normal.  We had a game planned, but as someone pulled out, ended up sitting in the bar playing a few smaller games.  To be honest, I had a blast; none of the games were particularly taxing and served as a nice distraction from the stress.

First up we had a few plays of The Evil Dead card game.  Very quick and brutal, good with two players but probably a lot more fun with more.  There area lot of fun wee mechanics in the game, the best being the ability for your character to become evil, suddenly giving you different victory conditions.

Next up was a quick round of Carcassone.  Always an entertaining wee game, perfect for just throwing down on the tabletop and getting a game played.  A pretty normal experience for me; starting off pretty well, but getting completely trounced in the end.

At least I scored the moral high ground victory by completing a wang-shaped castle!

Finally we had another couple games of Android: Netrunner.  We're still playing with the two recommended starter factions, which are completely imbalanced in favour of the runner (hacker.) Now I didn't actually think it was too bad last week (as I won all three games as the runner,) but this week I was on the receiving end and, yeah, it's waaay off.  Considering there are another five factions in the starter box, Netrunner should have plenty of legs (particularly if I can get another couple folk involved.)

Today, after another round of houses, I felt the need to resort to my favourite comfort food; nachos with the works!


  1. Good to meet up with the lads and play anything and some good looking Nachos there sir.

  2. How can you go wrong with a whang shaped castle?