Friday, 15 March 2013

Ronin #40

This guy was up over on
Curt's blog a few days ago, so about time I posted him here.  He was part of a command blister of Samurai by Westwind.  A much maligned manufacturer (their Secrets of the Third Reich range was originally panned for the mould quality,) I love their Samurai and Dark Age range.

I went for a lacquered armour kind of look, with yellow cloth underneath and used red as a spot colour.  I quite enjoyed painting him as a one off, but would have liked to add a few more details and decoration to him.  Not sure I'd manage to paint a lot of these guys.

Not managed the output in the painting challenge I'd originally hoped, real life and a switch to a sci-fi project has limited my time.  Still a few days to go, maybe I can summon up one last effort with what's still on the painting table - especially as we've designated Sundays as our "no stress" days.

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  1. Saw him over at Curt's pretty cool figure. I like how you painted him.