Monday, 11 March 2013

Relief, excitement, STRESS!!!!

My more regular readers may have picked up on the fact that we've been trying to sell our house for the past year or so.  It's been a very long, very frustrating process, so imagine our relief last Friday when we finally got the sale agreed!!!

Cue genuine excitement at the prospect of moving and the assocciated list-making and (whisper it) maybe even getting a proper Man Cave!

Oddly, after a very short amount of excitement, the stress kicked in - we need to move out in six weeks!  The stress was compounded by my computer's hard drive buggering up on Saturday.  After seven hours of attempting to recover it, I'm ready to give up on it and buy a new one!

So an eventfull few days.  Genuinely loking forward to going to the club tomorrow night.  Not only do we have the new X-Wing releases to play with, but I also don't get a mobile signal there - so should something else go wrong, I'll have a few hours grace before I hear about it!


  1. Nothing worse than the stress of moving home, bbut as you say you'll get a few hours peae tomorrow

  2. Great news - apart from the stress and all.

  3. An efficient services provider with skilled people can reduce your whole stress of moving, setting your priorities before the process start is very important.

  4. There's go your free time - for a short while. Congrats & good luck w the move.

  5. Good luck and congrats on the sale.