Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hopes Raised and Dashed - Venexia

My third entry to the Analogue Painting Challenge went up yesterday.  Some leftover figures from my Italian Wars project.  I found these, based and primed, lost down the back of my desk. Having already painted two units of these, a quick afternoon's painting later and they were done. Lovely figs, lots of detail and outstanding casting quality.  Even if I do say so myself, I think the yellow and blue livery looks great!  Readers may remember that Venexia decided to close down and sold their range to another company.

After they went up on Curt's blog, the frst comment suddenly grabbed my attention. Mr J directed me here on the assumption the range was now available.  Now I knew that Sgt Major Miniatures had taken the Venexia ranges, but I've not seen any sign on the figures on their site.  The last email I received from the owner didn't give any indication of when they would be available and I've not seen anything.

After going through every catagory on their site, I'm fairly certain that they're just not there.  So that sadly means no resumption of my Italian Wars project, for now anyway.

BTW, if I'm wrong, can someone please point it out to me!  I'd quite happily look like an idiot on the internet if it meant that this range of figures were available again!


  1. Nice figures Scott, it's a shame about Venexia, they are really nice figures, are there any particular packs your after or is the list far too long, I'm sure I've got a few bits and bobs lying around.

    1. Thanks for the offer Ray, can't remember exactly what I have, but I know I still need a lot!

      Plenty other projects on the go though!