Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Wee Update - Gruntz and Excuses

Whew, where the hell did the last week go?  Although I try to post here every three days or so, this last wee while has just been crazy.  In my defence, I've spent a fair of time either preparing for or actually gaming, so I can't really complain.  Other excuses for not posting include, in no particular order:

  • Some amateur plumbing (I've fixed the noise but at the expense of a tiny leak.)
  • A ridiculous hangover (seriously, I know I'm not 21 any more, but this one was taking the piss.)
  • DIY (the Mrs decided that the bedroom simply HAD to be painted this week!)
  • Visiting the relatives (this one was actually quite enjoyable, seeing the oldsters in Perthshire.)

Well, aside from those, what else?  Well, we decided last week to stop messing around and get started on our 15mm Sci-Fi armies and try a quick game of Gruntz.  I've had the rules for a wee while now and both Adam and I, along with a couple others at the club have been keen to get a game in.

So on Tuesday, we sat down for a very small test game.  Our two semi-painted forces faced off over some anachronistic terrain and slugged it out as we figures out the game's basic rules.  Being both Warmachine veterans, the core mechanic (two D6+stat to beat an enemy's stat) wasn't a problem and we were both after a bit of flavour to add to the game.

With another game scheduled for this Tuesday, I've got a few more units to start, as well as all the other unit to finish.  I'll get some pic of my core units up soon, then some of the fancier bits of kit after that.  Unfortunately, I've slowed up a fair bit on my Analogue Challenge stuff, but I hope to get back on them in the near future.  Until then, laters.

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  1. I can't get drunk anymore, if I do its 3 miserable days of suffering, its just not worth it anymore!