Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ground Zero Games UNSC - WIP

Following on from our trial game Gruntz, I've been hunched over painting 15mm sci-fi figures.  I opted for the fantastic UNSC range from Ground Zero Games for my force.  The range has eight poses for standard riflemen, four separate unit leader figures and plenty of SAW/support weapon options.  Sculpt quality is very good on the whole, only a couple issues of flash on some overhangs, so overall very flexible range.

SAW, two riflemen and two leaders.

For a colour scheme, I had in my head a white/icy blue scheme with a contrasting visor colour and a spot colour or insignia marking.  As you can see from the WIP pics, I haven't decided on what colour to use on the visors or the weapons.  Red would probably look good, but it's the safe option, so I suspect they'll end up with a glowy green colour, maybe yellow.  Still undecided on the gun, but that can wait until the rest of the colours are done.

Oddly for me, I've really enjoyed painting these guys.  Although they haven't yet turned out quite how I imagined (the shadows are dark grey rather than blue, giving them a kind of Stormtrooper feel,) I'm still digging them.  The trick I always find when evaluating your own painting is, when you're not actually painting,   keep the model a couple of feet away from you.  That way you see the overall effect rather than each individual brush stroke!

The Commander is on the right, can you tell he's a head swap?

I've also painted one of the older UNSC hardsuit figures as my commander, but swapped out the original helmet to keep him uniform with the rest of the force.  Converting 15mm figures are a pain. Next up is deciding and painting the visors and weapons, then the arduous process of deciding how to paint the bases.

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  1. They're nice figures, you've done a damn nice job so far.