Monday, 28 May 2012

Dropzone Commander - Details Anyone?

The last couple months have seen a steady stream of images for Dropzone Commander, an upcoming game from Hawk WarGames.  Their website describes the game as "10mm Sci-Fi Massed Battles" but concrete information beyond that is pretty hard to come by.

The range certainly looks varied, from Infantry to massive flyers

The pictures are of actual painted miniatures, not renders or artwork, and the sculptors have managed to create some distinctive factions for the game.  Not all of them look entirely original though, shades of Tau from 40K, Geth from Mass Effect series, Colonial Marines from the film Aliens all shine through.

Marines! We are LEAVING!!!

For the greater good?  Errr, probably not.

However, no one is going to tell me that this does not look the Bog's Dollocks:

What I'd like to see are some pictures in scale, either with two models or with a familiar item (a D6 perhaps?)  Now I don't need much of an excuse to start up a new game and Dropzone Commander has certainly piqued my interest, so hopefully we'll see some product details soon.

Some scale please. . . This had better be HUGE!

Hawk Wargames just pushed their release/pre-order dates back and, although I won't be surprised if they slip again, the delay gives them plenty time to put out some details on their rules and background (and price, but I assume that's the last thing we'll find out.)

Their Facebook page has a lot of pictures, but little real info.  Anyone out there have any more?


  1. I don't play Sci-Fi (yet) but I must say that for 10mm, these look great. Oooh, shiney!

  2. Nothing I'm afraid other tha liking some of the stuff they've done for 10mm.....

  3. Watch the video from 2.40 for a beautiful sight pre-order (prices)release friday