Sunday, 6 May 2012

Carronade 2012

I made an unexpected trip to Carronade 2012 yesterday, a show ran by Falkirk District Wargames Club.  This was the largest wargames event I've been to (never having made it to Salute or similair) with five halls of demo games, participation games, exhibits, competitions and, of course, traders.  I took the camera with me and some of the pictures weren't awful, so here they are.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to make a note of the club or group each game was running, but I'm sure you will find a full list on the official website.

28mm American Civil War - this table featured some of the best painted minis of the show!

RAF Leuchars are running four Band of Brothers theme games at four different shows.

This Pike and Shotte battle had some great civilian and vignette models - including an occupied gallows!

One room had lots of skirmish games going on, Malifaux, LotR, Mordheim etc.  I wanted to stay longer in here, as the tables all looked great, but an unidentified person had an extreme case of "Gamer Funk"  so we left.

Micro scale Napoleonics (I think)

Some unexpected games were on show - these guys were even playing Epic!  Man that takes me back!

  A great looking Ork army - unfortunately, I missed seeing the opposing army by about ten minutes.  I don't even know what it was!

GW gets everywhere!  A huge table of Ogres against Lizardmen - still not tempted back though! 

Plataea - close to a thousand Persians and Greeks in use!

An impressive Imperial Romans vs Celts table!  Now that's a proper straight Roman road!

Naturally, I felt the traders calling to me.  For living in a city, I don't have a lot of choice in wargaming shops (a big GW and a small Comic/RPG store,) so when I'm at a show like this the quantity of the temptation to shop is very strong.  I was fairly close to buying some Wargames Factory plastic Persians, some 10mm WW2 packs from Pendraken, as well as several rulebooks and Osprey titles.  However, in an impressive show of restraint, I restricted myself to two luxury purchases, the Pike & Shotte and Saga rulebooks.

So thanks to the organizers for organising a great show, to all the gamers for putting some great eye-candy displays on show and, lastly, thanks to Gaz for driving!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the show and hope to see you next year. Your restraint is admirable considering the possibles.

    1. Yeah, there was a lot on sale there (I'm still tempted by those Pendraken army packs!)

      I'd have loved to meet some fellow bloggers there (and apparently there were a lot of us,) but it was really short notice I knew I was going. Next show I go to, I'll make sure I find out who else is going. L

  2. Some fine pics, sounds like you had a great time!!

    1. Yup, it was a blast (man smell and dodgy pie withstanding!)