Thursday, 8 September 2011

Aberdeen Wargames Club

Had my second week at the Aberdeen Wargame Club this week.  I've been planning to go along for the best part of a year, but finally managed to arrange a visit (thanks Scott for letting me tag along.)

A very relaxed atmosphere and a good mix of people made it an enjoyable first visit (unsurprisingly though, it was a sausage-fest.)

Got chatting to Gaz about various games and he offered me a game of Dystopian Wars this week.  Gaz brought his Kingdom of Britannia fleet (and the sheet and the scenery) while I brought out my (nearly complete) Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet.  We agreed on a starter box battle, without the tiny flyers.

We played three full turns before deciding to call it a day (the three turns took over three hours!)  I had narrowly destroyed more ships, but my cruisers and battleship had taken a beating, so we decided to call it a gentlemanly draw.

I really wasn't up to speed with a lot of the finer rules, but my opponent was very patient and understanding.

We've a rematch scheduled for next week with some different forces.  I've some Inari Scout Gyros to paint up and I think I'll proxy some different ships I don't have the models for.

So thanks Gaz and everyone else there I met

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